Antibiotics and gut health at the same time is not possible. We’re discussing the concerns and give doable solutions. Read more:

Have you ever taken antibiotics? This blog is for you!

Have you ever had to take antibiotics? When I was a kid, they were given to me like sweets. Happy 80's! I'm sure it happened with the best intentions, trying to save me from coughing my lungs out. After every cold I got (and as a kid, when you're immune system is still developing, that happens quite a lot), a terrible tickle cough followed. Sometimes, it would go on for weeks, I thought it would never ever stop. Since the doctor didn't have a clue how to help me, he

Are you a hummus lover? Well we certainly are and with this mind-blowingly easy hummus recipe you are in for a treat. It’s quick to make, very easy and ridiculously delicious. With this simple recipe we show you how much better homemade hummus is compared to the stuff you buy in the store. Check out for more information.

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I remember the day when a friend introduced me to hummus, I remember thinking that it looked a bit weird and had a funny color. If she hadn’t convinced me, I probably wouldn’t even have tried it. But now I LOVE hummus. Whenever I make hummus, I pretty much add it to any meal I eat: salads, as a dip for veggies, sandwiches, or with some oven-baked sweet potatoes. The options are endless. Since that friend introduced me to hummus, I’ve tried lots of different recipes and believe I’ve finally