This our favorite recipe for a healthy sauce/dressing. It's tasteful, has a delicious substance and is easy to make. Your body will thank you for the extra vitamins, minerals, omega's and gut loving ingredients it contains. You will feel energetic, instead of sluggish like you often do with 'supermarket sauces'. Get the recipe on

RECIPE: Listen Today’s all-time favorite dressing

This recipe for a healthy sauce is a must-have. If you don’t always feel fit, if you don’t feel like you have your weight under control, if your skin plays up, it could very well be that your body doesn’t handle processed foods that well. And specifically ready-made dressings and sauces you buy in the supermarket. Often the culprit is the long list of ingredients you cannot even pronounce or a combination of a couple of those ingredients…

It’s very tempting to grab a pre-made sauce or dressing off the shelves, especially when the packaging says ‘natural’. But the nutrients in those products are often long gone because the product has been processed excessively, and additives like artificial flavors, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives have been added. Not all of those have been tested and more specifically, the effect on your body taking in a combination of them have definitely not been tested.

I can give you a list of all the things you shouldn’t be eating, but I’d rather share with you my solution for this problem: to have one favorite sauce I can adjust according to the meal I’m preparing. Try this super recipe yourself and soon you won’t wanna live without it! It is so delicious and you can pretty much use it for anything. In our household, we use it as a dressing for salads, as a sauce for yummy simple veggie bowls or to compliment a fish dish. And you can add whatever you like to it, sometimes a bit of cumin is perfect, another time fresh ginger does the trick, or some lemon zest or maybe mustard. You can replace the ume su in this recipe with any other kind of vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar can be heavy on your stomach. Ume su (comes from the ume prune) is a mild variety of vinegar, I totally recommend it and almost every health food store stocks it.

The beauty is that it’s super simple to make, 1 tablespoon per ingredient per person. If you always make sure you have these 4 ingredients in your pantry, then you never have to buy ready-made products from the supermarket again. By the way, you can also make this sauce/dressing as thin as you want by just adding a bit of water to it. So if you find it’s too thick for your liking, if you want to use it for a salad for example, then just add as much water as you like. Here we go, our very favorite recipe for a healthy sauce!


Preparation time: 5 min
Cooking time: 0 min
Quantity: 1 person
Equipment: none



Multiply these ingredients with the number of people you’re serving

  • 1 tbsp tamari
  • 1 tbsp ume su
  • 1 tbsp tahini
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup


  1. Mix these 4 ingredients and you’re all done.
  2. To give you some ideas if you feel a specific flavor? Mix some cumin, fresh ginger, lemon zest or mustard into the sauce/dressing.
  3. If you prefer a thinner sauce/dressing, just add some water.

PS You can replace tamari with soy sauce, but there is wheat in normal soy sauce, so not suitable for everybody.

PPS You can also replace the ume su with any other vinegar, I would pick apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

PPPS The tahini in this recipe you can replace with any nut or seed butter. I’m not a particular fan of peanut butter, cause it often contains mold which is not good for you.

PPPPS The maple syrup you can also replace with honey, rice syrup or coconut sugar (not with agave syrup, agave syrup is 70-90% refined fructose, you really don’t want that).


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Robien Hali

  • Wendela

    August 25, 2016at16:43 Reply

    Eindelijk een keer geprobeerd voor door een salade en heerlijk!!

    • Dorien Ijtsma

      August 25, 2016at17:09 Reply

      Wat leuk om te horen!

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