Reset Your Health


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Fix your gut in 3 weeks. Learn about all facets necessary to take good care of your bowels, of your gut. So that you: 

  • will always be at the right weight
  • have a beautiful skin
  • hardly get sick
  • have plenty of energy

In the first week, you’re going to understand how your gut works. If you are not into that, you can even skip this part. More important is the part of the first week where we are going to eliminate certain foods. This is going to be easy once you’ve learned why this is a good idea.

In the second week, we focus on all building blocks we should ALL take in on a regular basis to maintain our health. Also, we focus on foods that improve the diversity and amount of the good bacteria in your gut. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or if you eat fish or meat, there are options for everybody. We will take you by the hand and make it easy for you. You can make everything yourself if you’re into that or if you want to save money. Or you can buy it all already made. It is up to you, to your time schedule, to your preferences, to your budget.

In the third week, you’ll ease out of it and reintroduce all eliminated foods back into your diet, if you wish. Also, you learn to listen to your body.

If you feel healthy, that’s great. You can do this program to maintain this great health. If you’re not feeling optimal, this program can seriously give you back your health. But if you have one of these symptoms: fatigue, ripples or cracks in your nails, hair loss, a bad skin, muscle strain, painful or stiff joints, poor wound healing, inflammation, itching, often a headache, then this program is a MUST. Also if you have digestive problems like flatulence, bloatedness or constipation, or if your allergies are playing up a lot.


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