Detox Yoga EN


Downloadable online mini-course (PDF) to give your digestion a boost or simply detox your body.


With this online mini-course, we teach you 5 simple yoga poses that will boost your digestion. You can do those poses whenever, wherever you want. You don’t even need a yoga mat! And we can tell you: they work better than any digestion pills or laxatives, without the nasty side-effects!

If you feel great but want to help your body to detox, these poses are perfect also. We’re all exposed to artificial additives in our food, to pollution and to stress. Your body can always use a bit of help to get rid of stuff it can’t use.

You can download the PDF course immediately after you make the payment with the link you will see, on 3 devices of your choice (for example, smartphone, tablet and computer) and you have 5 days to do it. You will also receive the download link in the confirmation e-mail.