Watching your wheat and sugar intake is always a good idea and this no-recipe muesli is the best super healthy alternative for store-bought granola’s you can think of, and as easy!

No-recipe muesli

In our household, breakfast is a very important meal and a big favorite of the day. A successful returning creation is a smoothie bowl, sprinkled with all kinds of toppings (like in my no-recipe muesli). Usually, I like eating what the seasons provide, except with smoothie bowls. I eat those like ice cream, made with frozen fruit, all year through. Afterwards, I briefly regret it because it makes me cold, but that’s all forgotten about the next day when I happily make another one. This bad habit of eating really cold things in wintertime probably comes from when I still ate cow dairy. I loved soft ice cream, all year through, and could never get enough of it. It was my guilty pleasure for sure.

These days I prefer a smoothie bowl, decorated with for example:

  • pieces of (frozen) fruit,
  • a few oats or buckwheat flakes,
  • currants, raisins or goji berries,
  • seeds (hemp, poppy, sesame,  or chia, sunflower, pumpkin – the last two preferably roasted), linseeds,
  • (roasted) pieces of nut,
  • sprouted dried buckwheat,
  • coconut shreds,
  • pieces (dried) of date, fig, apricot or prune,
  • puffed amaranth or quinoa,
  • cacao nibs,
  • bee pollen,
  • and way more. We can go on and on.  


What I enjoy most is to pick different toppings for each different smoothie bowl I make (or on our chia breakfast like on this photo or simply on almond yoghurt). But when I’m having a busy week, it’s not handy to open and close 8 different sachets and containers and to even think about all the topping options. Or to roast the seeds, while doing something else, so you’ll burn them (this has happened multiple times).
No, instead I just look at whatever I have in the pantry, put it together in a jar and that’s me for the rest of the week. And that’s my recipe for this no-recipe muesli ;-). 

You know by now that we’re on a mission to teach people to not eat wheat 3 times a day right? Wheat is such a common ingredient in the Netherlands. Dutch people eat a lot of bread and pasta, you’d think it would be nice to have some variation in the morning. But most of the muesli and granola you can buy in the supermarket have, as the main ingredient, you guessed it: wheat. And when you go to the gluten-free section, you pay way more and those options are often full of sugar. So let’s get creative and throw together a bunch of ingredients you like.

Do you have a suggestion for a great muesli ingredient? We’d love to hear it of course. And would you like to know more about what’s actually healthy and what’s not? Without getting confused by the contradicting messages in the media? In the online course ‘Reset your Diet’ (only in Dutch at the moment, English will be available soon), you’ll learn how easy it is to become a healthier version of yourself, to simply reach your optimum weight with a radiant skin! After 1 week you’ll be your own nutritionist.

Robien Hali

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