Q. How can I stay up to date?
A. If you want to stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter. Here I tell you about the latest exciting things that are happening, you’ll receive free goodies and you’ll get a special discount on newly released products!

Q. How do you know all this? 
A. Studying, studying, studying! Check out the about page for my story. And the learning will never stop, by the way.  I read A LOT of books to stay up to date with all the subjects that I write about.

Q. Where did the idea for Listen Today come from?
A. For years I’ve been interested in staying healthy and have been trying to really do what feels good, which isn’t always easy in a society with quite a lot of pressure. People around me noticed the impact; I (and people closely around me) am happy, fit and I hardly get sick. They started asking questions, which was actually the start of this company. Everything I’ve experienced, learned and studied comes together in Listen Today.

Q. Do you do one-on-one coaching?
A. Yes! You can nu a nutritional consultation with me. This is usually online, but if we’re not too far from each other, we can meet up as well!

Q. Why is the company online? Are you doing stuff offline?
A. Maybe one day there will be happening more offline. But since I have been moving quite a bit, and I’m living in the forest, not close to anything really, it’s just making more sense to be location independent.