Antibiotics and gut health at the same time is not possible. We’re discussing the concerns and give doable solutions. Read more:

Have you ever taken antibiotics? This blog is for you!

Have you ever had to take antibiotics? When I was a kid, they were given to me like sweets. Happy 80’s! I’m sure it happened with the best intentions, trying to save me from coughing my lungs out. After every cold I got (and as a kid, when you’re immune system is still developing, that happens quite a lot), a terrible tickle cough followed. Sometimes, it would go on for weeks, I thought it would never ever stop. Since the doctor didn’t have a clue how to help me, he gave me antibiotics! The part I don’t actually understand, looking back, is that it obviously didn’t work, so why keeping on trying the same thing? But well. Back then, little did we know what a disaster this has been for my gut health. Which wasn’t my forte anyway since I never got any breastfeeding as a baby. And (as I later found out, I didn’t know for many years), I ate many allergens all the time as well. Those good bacteria( which you cannot live without) didn’t have a chance! Well, I’m still alive, but had to work VERY hard to fix my gut! The ratio between good an bad bacteria was completely out of control.

So now I’m curious, did you ever use antibiotics? Can you remember how many times? Just once? 5 times? Or have you used it so frequently that you lost count? And during or after the treatment, did you do anything to heal your gut, since antibiotics really damage your gut microbiota?
Truth is, and it is important to mention: antibiotics can save your life. If you have a bacterial infection which your immune system can’t cope with, antibiotics can slow down or stop the growth of those potentially life-threatening bacteria. This is great! But there are a few concerns which we will address now:

  • They are being over-prescribed, and that leads to certain bacterial infections becoming resistant to antibiotics.
  • The side-effects are not so good; along with the pathogens you’re trying to wipe out, antibiotics also kill beneficial bacteria. They really harm your gut microbiota, which means that they are a real threat to your digestion, your immune-system but also your mood.
  • We are exposed to antibiotics even when we’re not taking them as medication.

So how can we deal with this? Let’s go over them one by one.



Let’s start with the first one. It is wise to think about it now, instead of in a situation where you have to decide under stress. You have to realize that the ecosystem in the gut can shift massively even if you’re only on antibiotics for a day or two. So consider it wisely, not only for yourself but especially for your kids. Of course, nobody wants their kid to be in pain, but since their microbiome is still forming, especially when they are under 3 years old, the damage done by antibiotics has real, irreversible consequences. If there is a life-threatening situation it is, of course, a no brainer and definitely worth it. But otherwise, stay away from antibiotics. Also, keep in mind that they can kill bacteria, but not viruses.

Antibiotics and gut health at the same time is not possible. We’re discussing the concerns and give doable solutions. Read more:



And then the second one. In those cases where you HAVE to take antibiotics, you should also heal your gut, during and after the treatment. This is how:

Take a good quality probiotic (more about this below), but be careful! Taking an anti- and probiotic at the same time doesn’t make any sense. It’s like making something dry and wet at the same time. So take your antibiotic during the day and your probiotic at night! Some people wait till after the treatment, but we would do it this way. After taking in antibiotics, wait at least 2 hours before you take your probiotic, that’s the rule.
Avoid all types of sugar, also refined carbs, so you’re not feeding the wrong bacteria or fungi in your gut (the ones you don’t want).
After your treatment, continue with the probiotics and heal your gut by eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, good fats and fermented foods. With kids, let them play in the dirt, make sure that their immune system is rebuilt! In our program Reset Your Health you will rebuild your gut within 3 weeks! A must if you have had antibiotics recently.



Unfortunately, in our world, we are exposed to antibiotics through our food also. In the Netherlands, the regulations are pretty strict, but still, it cannot be totally prevented. It is said that there are practically (!!) no residues of antibiotics in foods such as meat, milk and eggs. In many countries, the rules aren’t even this strict. So make doing something for gut health a daily habit!

Antibiotics and gut health at the same time is not possible. We’re discussing the concerns and give doable solutions. Read more:



Since we’re still in the infancy of understanding probiotics and what they can do, it’s good to understand that it is not a magic bullet that can wipe out the negative effects of antibiotics. Also, they won’t take up residence in your gut, they pass through while making the environment in your gut suitable for the good bacteria to grow. So to actually wipe out the effects of antibiotics, we need to change our lifestyle.
But since probiotics are not doing any harm and since our gut can use any help it can get, it can be good to take them every now and then. Right now they are still nonspecific, but this will change in the coming years. This is exciting because each individual, with their individual microbiome, is going to require different probiotics. We’re on the verge of very helpful discoveries!

So what to take right now? We recommend discussing this with your health practitioner. But look for a probiotic supplement with different strains, since they all have other personalities. Look for different strains with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium or Bacillus or Saccharomyces boulardii. If one type doesn’t feel good in your body, you can always try another.



Did you know that there are natural antibiotics (herbal antimicrobials) as well, without any negative side effects? When I feel a cold or illness coming up, I mix 4 drops of oregano essential oil with some carrier oil and rub it under my feet before I go to bed. It works really well, I’m never ill! Manuka honey, garlic (or actually a component of garlic, allicin), onions, echinacea are other natural immune boosters that fight infections. The side effects they have are all positive!

Antibiotics and gut health at the same time is not possible. We’re discussing the concerns and give doable solutions. Read more:



The key, of course, is to boost the health of your gut right now and keep it in a great state. A healthy gut means a healthy digestion, but also happiness. Your happiness hormones can’t be produced if your gut isn’t healthy. And more importantly, since we’re talking about antibiotics: your gut and your immune system are partners. So a healthy gut means a strong immune system. Which can fight off bacteria itself, so you won’t even have to take antibiotics. And if your gut microbiota is in an optimal state, whenever you (or your kids) need to take antibiotics, you are not doing too much harm. You can minimize the negative side effects.

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