About Listen Today: our society can be a demanding place. With Listen Today we help you to find your way in a busy world, a way to feeling good. We are all about cultivating a sense of awareness our daily lives, because when we raise our awareness we’ll be able to make better choices for ourselves, our environment and the planet.

We would like to help you to feel happy and satisfied, through dealing with stress in a more efficient way, through feeling fitter, through being able to sharpen your focus and through learning to make choices from the heart. Our online programs, online courses, meditations and tips about health, healthy eating, yoga and meditation provide support and balance in a busy life.

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Dorien IJtsma

Dorien grew up in the Netherlands, she always had a strong drive to travel and discover the beautiful places the world has to offer. After her study ‘Visual Marketing’ she headed off to Canada. After Canada, she moved to New Zealand. Nine years later she came back to the Netherlands with her dog and buddy, Eddie.
Dorien has been interested in meditation for as long as she can remember, she has studied and tried a variety of different meditation techniques. Besides that, she studied naturopathy, did courses in energy healing and worked for a very special natural doctor. During all these adventures she always tried to be aware of what felt good for her, good for her body and good for her environment.


Robien Hali

Nature is very important in Robien’s life, you can find the evidence of that in her hobbies: photography, horses and snowboarding. When she was a little girl she went to the School of Philosophy in Amsterdam and learned how to ‘be still’. That was considered normal there, but in our day to day lives we often find it difficult to find that quiet place. After studying at the Institute of Fashion, Management and Design, after a few years of living in her beloved New Zealand and after a career in the hostel business, Robien has made nature and health her biggest priority. She became a nutritionist, did an Ayurveda course, several meditation courses, a yoga teacher training and she reads a lot of books. Now she feels confident she can pass on the information she gathered to be of help to others, while studying for a Master's degree in Nutrition & Health.


Nutritionist: CIVAS (level: Higher Education)
Hatha yoga teacher: Arhanta Yoga Ashram
Currently studying for a Master’s degree in Nutrition & Health: Wageningen University


Propedeutics Naturopathy: Naturopathic College of New Zealand
Hatha yoga teacher Arhanta Yoga Ashram




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